Return Policy Page provides world-class home products that meet the highest global quality and are delivered on time. If you are unhappy with your purchase, simply return it in accordance with the Return and Refund’s rules and regulations.


The legal conditions to returning any product after purchasing and their acceptances:


     If we delivered a faulty or defective product

     If a different part is supplied in place of the required and specific part.

     In case of incorrect product supply.

     Have a legitimate reason for returning the product.

     Purchase documentation, such as an order memo or an invoice, is required.




After ordering any product from, if any customer wants to cancel his or her order for personal issues; they must have to cancel this order within 24 hours, otherwise, it will not be counted as cancellation. If an order is canceled after 24 hours, the customer must pay 10% of the product's price as demurrage, and the remaining 90% will be refunded only after the product has been resold and will not be refunded in any other way.

(Note: This only applies to customized products.)

Furthermore, in the case of Stock Products and Customized Products, if an order is canceled within 24 hours, the original money will be refunded within three working days if valid reasons are provided.